Oh, Vatra Dornei! If you are just hearing about this little Romanian town, hidden away within the mountains in the Northern part of our country, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to get to know it and fall in love with it.


It is located on the road linking Moldavia and Transylvania, at 30 kilometers from the Dracula Castle. Vatra Dornei has a documented history beginning with 1592, but it became trully significant in early 19th century, when the curing properties of its mineral water were first discovered.


It is also known as the Pearl of Bucovina, this beautiful region in North-Eastern Romania we are living in. You better visit it if you want to learn some great Romanian traditions. Vatra Dornei is very famous for its natural mineral water resources (have you ever heard about Dorna, Bucovina or Poiana Negri water brands?) and for the great spa conditions we have here.


People come to Vatra Dornei to relax and get treated for different diseases. Our mud, mineral springs and negative ionized air work miracles on people coming here for treatments regarding cardiovascular affections, rheumatism etc.


Another important attraction in Vatra Dornei is the ski resort, great for all winter sports enthusiasts. You have no less than four ski slopes to choose from here and we assure you that as long as we have snow here nothing will stand in the way of a great winter vacation.


Within and around Vatra Dornei you can engage in numerous activities that will provide your vacation with adrenaline and excitement. You can go river-rafting on Bistrita river, you can explore a lot of hiking trails, you can fly with a small aircraft around the region, you can go rock climbing in Rarau Mountains, you can learn how to ride horses, you can go cycling or attend awesome events. What we don’t have here is boredom.


If you have the chance to visit Vatra Dornei, do it! Sure, it might be a hassle for you to get here, as we have no airport nearby, but it will worth your while, because you will get in touch with nature in a very special way.

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